Behind every great career woman, there is a long list of past projects she cut her teeth with. To see my most up-to-date involvement in film & TV please have a look at my imdb page: All my lovely credits

Shows I have been involved in include: Avengers: Endgame, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Ghost Stories, Trainspotting 2, Bridget Jones’ Baby, My Cousin Rachel, and Victoria & Abdul.

To find more about me and my experience, read my biography, but here is a detailed list of all film & video projects I have been involved in before I was diving head-first into visual effects production.


Jesus, Neo Double Productions, Director: Thomas Scott; role: 1st Assistant Director
Late at night, a thief breaks into a house. What lurks in the dark there is not what he expected…

Dreaming of Peggy Lee
, One Big Mop, Director: James Everett; role: Production Assistant
The tale of two deaf orphans who escape their oppressive foster home to sneak into a 1940’s style London Jazz Club.

The insignificance of being Gwendolen, Darjeeling Elephant Productions; Writer & Director: Lisa Theresa Downey-Dent.
A multimedia project (weekly web series & written blog) adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of being Earnest, set in today’s times and with female focus, following the path of rich, bored and cynical Gwen Fairfax who is set up with a mysterious man called “Ernest” by her best friend Al Moncrieff.

Video Series of Make-Up Videos for Pick N Dazzle,; role: Assistant Director
Presenter Cat demonstrates the season’s hottest new products and how to use them.

  • Glossy lips with Teeez Trend Cosmetics presented by Pick N Dazzle
  • Natural and Organic Beauty for your Skin
  • Get a Sandy Look with Desert Glow Make Up Haul
  • Bye wrinkles hello glowing skin! with Vita Age Aurum
  • Haircare made in Italy: Linfa Age shampoos
  • CEO Interview with Pavlina Marinova
  • Smooth, velvety soft skin with Vita Age In Skincare

Company Trailer for ÜberRaum, ÜberPictures, Director: Simon Hunter; role: Assistant Director
ÜberRaum design happy people. This company trailer showcases some of their amazing projects in close-up. Specifically the office spaces of the ZDF London Headquarter and the Calastone office quarters.

Video Series of Make-Up and Hair style tutorials for Glossybox UK,; role: Assistant Director
Make-Up artist Taylor Barringer shares her beauty secrets in a video series for the Glossybox UK online magazine.

  • Beauty Sessions: Easy Brows
  • Beauty School: How and where to use illuminator
  • Beauty School: An Easy Fishtail Braid
  • Beauty School: The Five-Minute Face
  • Beauty School: Liquid Eyeliner in an Unexpected Way
  • Unboxing July 2014
  • Beauty Sessions: Easy Natural Contouring
  • Beauty Sessions: 2 Eye Looks – 1 Brush
  • Beauty Sessions: Easy Beachy Waves

International Vox Pops for Unilever,; role: Interviewer and Editor
For internal research purposes about their products, Unilever commissioned a number of survey videos filmed in various different European countries.

  • Germany survey: Brands Love
  • Germany survey: Snacks
  • Germany survey: Aging Population 
  • Germany survey: Online Shopping
  • Germany survey: Male Shoppers

Zoho Creator: Optician by profession. Developer by passion. for Zoho,; role: Assistant Director
Optician Andy tells his success story on how he builds apps with Zoho Creator that not only help him in his eyewear business.

The world’s most amazing jewellery and watches in 60 seconds,; role: Data Wrangler, Feedback
In the flash of only 60 seconds, millions of pounds pass over the screen in this enticing jewellery showreel.

Chopard’s Fairtrade Gold at Cannes, Chopard, The Jewellery Editor &; role: Editor
The Jewellery Editor Maria Doulton gives an insight to Chopard’s Fairtrade history and what makes this year’s Golden award so special.

Interview with Astley-Clarke, The Jewellery Editor &; role: Production Assistant
In an interview with The Jewellery Editor Maria Doulton, highly successful Astley-Clarke explains her latest collections and how she got to where she is today.

The Fabergé Lost Imperial Egg, Fabergé, The Jewellery Editor &; role: Production Assistant
The Jewellery Editor Maria Doulton gets an exclusive peek at the previously lost but extremely precious Fabergé Imperial Egg.

How to Graduate, University of St Andrews; Director: Lisa Theresa Downey-Dent
An overview video for the University’s website on what to take care of before graduating, and what to expect on the big day.

Strengthening Democracy, Scottish Universities Insight Institute & David Erdal; role: Assistant Director and Editor
For archive purposes, the talks of the Strengthening Democracy Workshop in Glasgow were filmed.

Three o’clock at the Library, Darjeeling Elephant Productions; Director & Writer: Lisa Theresa Downey-Dent
When a mute boy falls in love with a literature student who worships nothing more than the magic of language, he finds that the path of love is a rocky one.

stalemate., Darjeeling Elephant Productions; Director & Writer: Lisa Theresa Downey-Dent
A fresher who has just arrived at the top-matchmaking university St Andrews finds a mysterious note in her new room with an eery warning. Should she really be afraid of the men in red trousers?

Zeeland Breeze, Darjeeling Elephant Productions; Director & Writer: Lisa Theresa Downey-Dent
A Doctor Who Fan Film, following the Doctor and his companion as they get stranded in a Dutch university city.

Campus News, Darjeeling Elephant Productions; Host & Writer: Lisa Theresa Downey-Dent
A 2-season campus video show highlighting all events, news, and seasonal tidbits of UCR Middelburg.