About Me

About Me

Avid cinephile born on the day exact 105 years later than the showcasing of the Lumières’ first ever film. Coincidence? I dare say not. Clearly I belong in the media business!

Currently I am working as VFX Production Coordinator at Industrial Light & Magic. My latest tasks there were wrangling dinosaurs for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and dealing with the aftermath of Thanos’ snap for Avengers: Endgame!

Past film industry experiences included production and editorial at Union VFX, as well as work for Orama and Kaptcha. Previously I have also worked briefly at The Imaginarium Studios, Big Talk, and on set of Bridget Jones’ Baby.

In my spare time I write theatre reviews for the website West End Wilma, but have articles published across a range of online outlets.

I have studied, lived and worked in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Scotland and now, after the completion of my Masters degree at the University of St Andrews, England.
Brands I have worked with include, amongst others: Unilever, Graff Diamonds, Glossybox UK, Chopard, Fabergé and ÜberRaum Architecture.