The insignificance of being Gwendolen

The insignificance of being Gwendolen

From 2013 until 2015 I ran a multimedia project called “The insignificance of being Gwendolen”. It consisted of a weekly video-blog and an accompanying written blog, “The Triviality of Cecily”.
The project was a modern free adaptation of The Importance of Being Earnest written by Oscar Wilde. The play concentrates on the perspective of Jack Worthing, while this webseries had female focus: the series is told from the point of view of Jack’s love interest Gwendolen Fairfax.

Too rich for her own good, bored and cynical, Gwen starts a vlog on the recommendation of her therapist Dr Chasuble. Not very tech-savvy, Gwen involves a group of film students to edit for her. In her weekly updates, Gwen faces – together with her best friend Al(gernon Moncrieff) – that abyss called real life with its societal norms, dominant mothers, and constant lack of Moët and cucumber sandwiches. Gwendolen’s life drastically changes when Al tries to set her up with a man called Ernest Worthing and another woman, Cecily Cardew, is forcefully thrown upon her. Will Gwen ever feel anything but insignificant in her own lifestory?

The series consists of exactly 52 episodes. While the series was run by me (read more here), Ilse A. Ras took over Cecily’s blog and together, we made this into the multifaceted project it was. We could have never worked as efficiently and consistently without Samantha Schäfer, who had an eye on continuity, scheduling, plotlines and our work attitude as Transmedia Supervisor.

Here the primary cast listing:
Josh Sutherland as Ernest Worthing
Luke Adekoya Campbell as Algernon Moncrieff
Danou Duifhuizen as Cecily Cardew
Lisa T. Downey-Dent as Gwendolen Fairfax
Debra Leigh-Taylor as Miss Prism
Sara Mason as Lady Bracknell
Cliff Chapman as Merriman (voice)



As linked above, the blog can be read here: The Trivitality of Cecily

and all episodes can be watched via this playlist: The insignificance of being Gwendolen (full)

List Of Episodes:


1. Being Gwen

2. Unemployment

3. Student Filmmaking

4. Mum Drives Me Bonkers

5. France

6. Algernon Moncrieff

7. Slightly Unstable

8. Turtle Love

9. Introducing Ernest

10. What My Degree Was Worth

11. Moving On!

Act II

12. London, Baby!

13. Meet Algernon

14. Rich Girl Confessions

15. Most Awkward First Date Ever

16. Drunk Night Aftermath

17. Applications

18. What’s In A Name?

19. Who The Hell Is Cecily

20. Relationship Status

21. Parents VS Romance

22. Boys Don’t Cry


23. In Desperate Times…

24. The Beginning Of A Great Friendship

25. Peeta Or Ernest

26. 2 Girls 1 Camera

27. Hertfordshire Ink

28. Vlog Takeover Pt.1

29. Vlog Takeover Pt.2

30. Ernest’s Arrival

31. Romance Blossoms

32. Reunited

33. Dead?

34. B* Say What!?

35. Oh No She Didn’t!

36. Revelations

Act IV

37. Disappointment

38. Muffins

39. Let It Go!

40. What Is My Life?

41. Apology

42. Forgiveness

43. Would I Lie To You?

44. Lady Calm Down

45. Prism Chase

46. An Unexpected Arrival

47. Mother Knows Best

48. #Feminism

49. Strong And Independent

50. Babies & Chihuahuas

51. The Importance Of Being E(a)rnest

52. Happy Ending