About Me

About Me

Avid cinephile born on the day exact 105 years later than the showcasing of the Lumières’ first ever film. Coincidence? I dare say not. Clearly I belong in the media business!

Currently I am working in production of Union Visual Effects. I write most regularly for the theatre review website West End Wilma, but had articles published across a range of online outlets.

Past work include collaboration with the production companies Orama and Kaptcha. Before starting at Union, my endeavours have led me to work briefly at The Imaginarium Studios, Big Talk, and on set of Bridget Jones’ Baby. The short film ‘Dreaming of Peggy Lee’

One of my most recent endeavours has lead me to work at The Imaginarium Studios, Big Talk, on set of Bridget Jones’ Baby, and the award-winning short Film ‘Dreaming of Peggy Lee’.
The short film ‘Dreaming of Peggy Lee’

From 2013 until 2015 I was Head of the multimedia project The insignificance of Being Gwendolen, a weekly webseries with an accompanying blog.

I have studied, lived and worked in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Scotland and now, after the completion of my Masters degree at the University of St Andrews, England.
Brands I have worked with include, amongst others: Unilever, Graff Diamonds, Glossybox UK, Chopard, Fabergé and ÜberRaum Architecture.